Introduction to Bingo and Bingo Strategy

By 21 January 2021

Playing Bingo is just pure gambling. Using a strategy will not help you secure a win every time, but you will increase your winning odds and help you win more games. You can visit to enjoy the best online bingo available in South Africa. Below are some of the proven strategies you can employ next time you are plaing bingo game.

Play With More Cards

Bingo game purely involves cards. If all the players purchase one card, it means that the winning chances are equal. For you to have an edge over the other players, you should as many cards as posible. When you purchase more cards, there is a higher posibility of having a winning card. For example, having 6 cards gives you a 600% chance of winning.

The number of cards you can purchase is influenced by your pocket size. However, it does not always work out well when having multiple cards. You should play with a number that you can manage. At times, having many numbers will make you confused and thus lose some winning opportunities. For the ideal game, you should try to maintain less than 10 cards.

  • Having fever cards gives you a chance to track your winnings.

Avoid Sites With Higher Number of Players

Yes, some rooms have more players than others. In such rooms. there is a higher possibility of winning a higher amount of money. However, the chances of possessing that winning bingo card is a bit low. Most of those rooms sell their cards at a cheaper price. It is good for your pocket but the chances of winning there are very slim.

Less popular rooms are the ones with a higher probability of giving you a win. They tend to sell their cards at a higher price. A little number of players will play here. It is a dream of every player to see their money last longer. However, paying a bit extra per every card (ticket) and playing with few players increase your winning probability.


Timing Is The Key

Yes, at times, you cannot afford to play with expensive cards due to financial constraints. Do you know you can maximize your winning potential in those sites with many players? The answer lies in timings. Well, the most popular time to play online bingo is on weekends and late evenings before bed. In such times, you will find a lot of players competing for the card.

A smart player avoids such times. You can alter your playing time and make a big change. Eary mornings and afternoons prove to be the best time. A lot of players are busy with their day to day chasing of coins leaving the site almost empty. Playing at such time increases your chances of winning since there are few players chasing for the winning card.

  • Bingo is a game of numbers where you have higher chance of winning if you have few people pitted against you.

Manage Your Resources

Playing online bingo needs you to be keen on two important resources involved. They are time and money. Well, bingo gaming, like any other form of gambling is very addictive. Coupled with endless fun, it can make you spend all your day playing. It is good to know that there is life outside gambling. You should limit the time you spend playing.

Another important resource is money. You should set aside the maximum amount you can use every day. In case you reach that target without any winning, it is healthier to walk away. Playing without a proper way of managing your money puts your fortune into jeopardy. You should understand that there is no one to pay your bills and thus manage your cash.

  • Proper resource management is the ultimate step towards responsible gaming.

Play On Legitimate Sites

Choosing a reputable site to play bingo is not a walk in the park. With the current high number of sites online, it is easy to land into an illegitimate site. Such sites are owned by scammers who want to eat your fortune. For a site to prove legit, it should be licensed in your country. Avoid all the sites without a gambling license.

As we wind up, we have seen some of the best strategies you can employ to maximize the chances of winning every time you play online bingo. They have been used by different players and results are positive. If at all your goal is to win, you should master at least one strategy. Make sure you bet responsibly and also avoid betting if you are below 18 years.